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We are your #1 choice for superior quality, qualified, accredited and insured electrical service all around Sydney. And with pride, providing electrical and technical aids to metro’s majority for...

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We will agree with you on the fees before we commence. Our trucks are completely supplied with over $5000 worth of standard electrical resources. These are the finest value and highest...

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At Newtown Electrician – We only hire the best electricians! And we continually train them to make sure they are up-to-date on all electrical codes and methods. Each of our electrical contractors undergoes extensive...

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Emergency Services
Newton is not far from Sydney’s main business area. Being relatively close to the city proper makes this suburb substantially filled with various services and service providers, including electrical in nature...
Domestic Services
Newton is one of the closest suburbs in Sydney. It’s only four kilometres South West of Sydney’s central business district. Being close to the business area, most buildings are commercial in nature...
Commercial Services
Newton boasts of an extended shopping strip at King Street. When combined with Enmore Road of the suburb of Enmore, these commercial areas combined makes up 9.1 kilometres of about 600 shops altogether...
Down Lights/LED
The most chosen light provider is the halogen downlights. Hence, we have to know what are the amazing benefits as well as issue of having this.Halogen downlight is offered for a very extensive period...
Sub-Floor Ventilation
The benefits of adequate sub-floor ventilation. An adequately ventilated sub floor is significant as it helps to lessen mould and fungal growth, mouldy odors as well as wood decomposition and, it enables...
Switchboard Upgrade
Making use of circuit breakers is another way to protect your residence, you as well as your family to electrical involved shock or fire. Seeing that circuit breakers has a exceptional and great attributes...
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General / Maintenance Electrical Newtown

What’s the essence of a general maintenance electrical service?

To answer this question, let’s enumerate the benefits associated with this service. Well maintained electrical devices are able to perform well. This then allows more effective and efficient production of goods or rendering of services in businesses. On the contrary, units that are not subjected to proper maintenance may fail and may wear out faster. They tend to use more energy as well. This adds up on expenses for electrical utility bills and for possible repair or even replacement of units. Maintenance, thus, helps lower electricity bills and the costs for fixing or replacing units.

When electrical issues are not attended to right away due to the absence of regular or periodic maintenance, there is the possibility of endangering people’s live due to electrocution and other accidents. Electrical problems that are fixed immediately may also cause fires which may permanently damage properties and even threaten lives. Thus, general maintenance electrical services are necessary to make sure that electrical units are highly functional and will not cause harm to properties and people.

When is general maintenance electrical service performed?

This can actually vary depending on certain factors including the condition of the electrical unit and how often it is used. Obviously, units that are seldom used require minimal checkup as compared to those which are used often. Newer electrical elements such as in new buildings won’t need tedious inspections either in contrast to older buildings with more mature electrical system. The duration can then vary and can be done annually, bi-annual, per quarter, or per month.

What constitutes a general maintenance electrical service?

In Newton, we provide general maintenance electrical services for your home or business. We examine a building’s entire electrical system including power source, fuse box, switch, breaker panels, sockets, outlets, lighting, wiring, phone lines, data cables, electrical connections, computer circuits or networks, HVAC, media equipment, major appliances, mobile and portable devices, security system, alarms, and others. Every element involved in a building’s electrical diagram will be examined and assessed for its condition. Those which need immediate rectifications due to potential danger to property and lives they pose will be attended to right away. While those which do not require immediate attention on the other hand will be documented in a proposal for future upgrades.

Inspection services are also conducted in relation to safety and security. We can assist you in acquiring compliance certificates for fire safety and other building permits. We also provide energy efficiency solutions to help your home or business cut down on power consumption and in turn lowers your monthly electrical bills.

How much will a general maintenance electrical service cost?

Our fees are fixed. We charge per job and not per hour. First, an upfront cost will be proposed. You can always decline the proposal and the fees will not be collected anymore and the services will not be provided as well. But once you accept the proposed rate, the upfront cost doesn’t change even if the work hours get extended beyond what was originally projected.

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