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Newton is not far from Sydney’s main business area. Being relatively close to the city proper makes this suburb substantially filled with various services and service providers, including electrical in nature. So for all your electrical service needs in Newton, there’s no need for you to search for companies in Sydney. You will realize that your needs can be met right in Newton alone.

In Newton, we are a company you can trust for all your domestic or commercial electrical services needs. We offer various electrical services including installation, maintenance, repairs, and emergency services. Our emergency Newton team can even attend to your needs right away.

Why are we the best choice for emergency electrician service?

Newton based

When it comes to your emergency electrical needs, our location makes us advantageous over other companies. Being relatively close, we are able to reach your location quickly. We make a commitment to be there within 2 hours. If we fail to do so, we even pay you $50 as a fine.

Available 24/7

Our phones lines are open 24/7 to accept your call anytime, that includes weekends and holidays. Our emergency electrical staff can answer your call immediately and will dispatch our team of skilled technicians even while we speak over the phone. We communicate over two way radios in order to send out our electricians as soon as we receive your call.

Professional approach

Aside from a rapid response through our radio dispatched team, we also guarantee a professional approach when dealing with your issues. Our emergency electrical Newton team is highly qualified, certified, licensed, registered, and even insured. They can respond to electrical issues with knowledge and also provides preventive assessments to guarantee that the problem never reoccurs again.

Advanced tools

We utilize advanced tools when dealing with electrical issues. Even our vans are already equipped with everything needed to deal with electrical issues. They are also manned by our able technicians so they are ready to go once they are dispatched. Should there be anything needed during the service; we will take care of parts and procurement so you won’t have to produce them anymore. We also have emergency power supply available to restore your home or business’ electrical functionalities while we work on the issue at hand. We provide preventive measurements in order to permanently resolve your electrical issues so the same problem is prevented from happening again.

Reasonably priced rates

We offer reasonably priced rates. Fees are charged per job and not per hour. You can be confident that your time is not wasted just to be charged a higher fee. Our rates remain fixed no matter how long a service is completed and how tough it becomes. We propose an upfront cost the moment we inspect the area to be serviced or the issue to be resolved. This fee is not obligatory. You can always decline in case you deem it to be unfeasible for your needs. But should you accept the proposed rate, the fee remains the same.

"We Guarantee You Wont Be Disappointed"

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