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We are your #1 choice for superior quality, qualified, accredited and insured electrical service all around Sydney. And with pride, providing electrical and technical aids to metro’s majority for...

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We will agree with you on the fees before we commence. Our trucks are completely supplied with over $5000 worth of standard electrical resources. These are the finest value and highest...

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At Newtown Electrician – We only hire the best electricians! And we continually train them to make sure they are up-to-date on all electrical codes and methods. Each of our electrical contractors undergoes extensive...

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Emergency Services
Newton is not far from Sydney’s main business area. Being relatively close to the city proper makes this suburb substantially filled with various services and service providers, including electrical in nature...
Domestic Services
Newton is one of the closest suburbs in Sydney. It’s only four kilometres South West of Sydney’s central business district. Being close to the business area, most buildings are commercial in nature...
Commercial Services
Newton boasts of an extended shopping strip at King Street. When combined with Enmore Road of the suburb of Enmore, these commercial areas combined makes up 9.1 kilometres of about 600 shops altogether...
Down Lights/LED
The most chosen light provider is the halogen downlights. Hence, we have to know what are the amazing benefits as well as issue of having this.Halogen downlight is offered for a very extensive period...
Sub-Floor Ventilation
The benefits of adequate sub-floor ventilation. An adequately ventilated sub floor is significant as it helps to lessen mould and fungal growth, mouldy odors as well as wood decomposition and, it enables...
Switchboard Upgrade
Making use of circuit breakers is another way to protect your residence, you as well as your family to electrical involved shock or fire. Seeing that circuit breakers has a exceptional and great attributes...
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Newton boasts of an extended shopping strip at King Street. When combined with Enmore Road of the suburb of Enmore, these commercial areas combined makes up 9.1 kilometres of about 600 shops altogether. King Street is even labeled as “Eat Street” due to the number of food shops, restaurants, cafes, and pubs from various cultures present in the area.

If you own any of the shops in Newton’s King Street, there’s a necessity which makes it possible for you to continue providing services and producing goods – and that is electricity. This basic need is important for everyday business processes including production and management. Electricity powers machineries used to serve customers such as coffee makers for coffee shops, oven for pizza parlors, ice cream makers for ice cream shops and so on. It powers devices used for administrative or financial tasks including computers, printers, scanners, and the like. Electricity is needed for lighting, ventilation, security, and to enable various other electrical units to function.

So without electricity or when there are interruptions caused by issues such as burnt fuse, defective wires, broken switch, out of order equipments, etc., it disrupts normal business operations. This leads to reduced number of produced goods, lesser accomplished tasks, fewer served customers, and therefore, loss profits. In relation to electrical issues in your business, you need assistance from a reliable company which can be able to restore your business back to normal.

In Newton, we are that local company you can depend on for all your commercial electrician services needs. We provide different electrical services for businesses. These include new installations including design, remodeling and finishing, rectifications, advanced troubleshooting, upgrades and improvement, general inspection, periodic and preventive maintenance, energy efficiency, emergency services, safety and security measurements, compliance certification for fire, etc., and many more.

The aforementioned services are applicable to any of the following: lighting, LED, neon, fluorescent, ballast, bulbs, signs, outdoor lighting as well as electrical system, landscape, underground, parking lot, electrical structure for amenities and features outside buildings, generators and power backup system, surge protection, machine hook ups, bucket truck service, production machineries and equipment, medical facilities, pump stations, Photovoltaics or solar energy equipment, shock prevention, electrical grounding, smoke detector, CO2 detector, fire alarm, burglar alarm, security systems, CCTV, code corrections, code violations, card access entry, automation, management systems, communications, POS, data centres, computer rooms, network, circuitry, media rooms, portable appliances, mobile gadgets, other major appliances, HVAC, hand dryers, wiring, power, fuse, meter, breakers, switches, receptacles, outlets, sockets, phone lines, data cables, wireless connections, and other electrical units or devices.

For inquiries on all other services or for detailed information on each service provided, you may call our 24/7 hotline and our pleasant and polite staff will answer your calls right away. If you’re issues are not listed here, contact us with a full description of the problem and our expert response will be able to deal with your issue and come up with a plan of action even while we discuss your concerns over the phone.

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