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We are your #1 choice for superior quality, qualified, accredited and insured electrical service all around Sydney. And with pride, providing electrical and technical aids to metro’s majority for...

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We will agree with you on the fees before we commence. Our trucks are completely supplied with over $5000 worth of standard electrical resources. These are the finest value and highest...

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At Newtown Electrician – We only hire the best electricians! And we continually train them to make sure they are up-to-date on all electrical codes and methods. Each of our electrical contractors undergoes extensive...

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Emergency Services
Newton is not far from Sydney’s main business area. Being relatively close to the city proper makes this suburb substantially filled with various services and service providers, including electrical in nature...
Domestic Services
Newton is one of the closest suburbs in Sydney. It’s only four kilometres South West of Sydney’s central business district. Being close to the business area, most buildings are commercial in nature...
Commercial Services
Newton boasts of an extended shopping strip at King Street. When combined with Enmore Road of the suburb of Enmore, these commercial areas combined makes up 9.1 kilometres of about 600 shops altogether...
Down Lights/LED
The most chosen light provider is the halogen downlights. Hence, we have to know what are the amazing benefits as well as issue of having this.Halogen downlight is offered for a very extensive period...
Sub-Floor Ventilation
The benefits of adequate sub-floor ventilation. An adequately ventilated sub floor is significant as it helps to lessen mould and fungal growth, mouldy odors as well as wood decomposition and, it enables...
Switchboard Upgrade
Making use of circuit breakers is another way to protect your residence, you as well as your family to electrical involved shock or fire. Seeing that circuit breakers has a exceptional and great attributes...
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We were called to a unit in Point Pipper as a customer had moved into a new unit and wanted a lot of electrical works done. We found the electrical works he wanted done, he wanted lights change, and most of the rooms were at the building. He wanted his lights to be changed to be able work in Australia and also wanted all of the electrical points in the house to be upgraded to newer versions. We were more than happy to help him of all of these works and went to his house and change all of the various lights that needed to be changed. Change all of the points that he wanted changed and we also recommended changing the points from a standard white plates to a new stainless look plate on the points, thus looking and making the electrical points a little bit special than standard. Also available for electrical points, lights of gold, bronze and we can also get older touch around switches if needed. After doing work throughout the house, the client also asked if we install TV’s on wall brackets. We were able to give him an upfront price on fitting a TV up high on a wall bracket. We also can run the cables for TV’s, whether it be for a foxtail, or for just a standard aerial cables. We can man all types of TV’s on walls, different sizes, etc., it’s just a matter of telling us the TV you need hanged, what size and we can soon source a bracket to fit that type of TV. Running the cables to the TV obviously depends on the kind of the bearing but obviously we can always come up with the best options to get those cables to the TV. The customer stated in his feedback form that he was very happy with the service and the advise that he was getting from us. Changing the existing points in the house with newly decorated cover plates was a very good idea for him as it modernized the home.

If you need any TV work, emergency work, or lights change in your property, don’t hesitate to call us on the number above.

Newtown Electrician

Newtown is only four kilometres away from the central business district of Australia. This explains why this suburb is rich with commercial establishments. The center of its commercial and entertainment activity is located on King Street. This street branches off Enmore Road towards the suburb of Enmore. The whole shopping strip of Enmore Road and King Street combined makes 9.1 kilometres of over 600 shops. Newton’s shopping centre dates back to as early as the late Victorian and early Federation era (late 1800’s and early 1900’s). King Street is also often dubbed as “Eat Street” due to the number of cafes, restaurants, pubs, and food shops located in the area.

Despite being highly commercialized, Newton also features residential buildings which houses the workforce for the nearby Sydney business area as well as local employees for commercial establishments in Newton. What makes commercial and residential buildings similar to each other is electricity. This necessity makes homes more comfortable and allows residents to conveniently accomplish tasks through electrically powered devices. Businesses on the other hand rely heavily on electricity for various processes including the production of goods, offering services, financial, and administrative tasks.

The essence of electricity is more manifested with the presence of emergency power backup systems like generators. These will allow electrical devices to remain functional amidst power outages. But there are electrical issues which cannot be resolved by generators. There are electrical problems which must be resolved in order for a house to remain comfortable and for businesses to be up and running.

Newton Electrical Service Company

We are a local electrical Newtown company which can assist you with your electrical concerns. We can literally bring the spark back to your home or business. We offer various services including rectifications, repair and replacements, rewiring, remodeling, upgrades and improvements, general inspection and testing, fault finding and assessments, periodic or preventive maintenance, safety and security, safety standard compliance certifications, insurance claims, energy efficiency, and emergency services. These apply for various electrical units and elements found at homes or businesses.

Our electrical Newtown team is composed of qualified individuals who have undergone extensive training to for their electrical service skills. They are also equipped with needed registrations, certifications, and licenses to legally practice their job as electricians. Our team uses only advanced tools and devices that are available in ready to go vans. Our phone line is also open 24/7 to accommodate your calls anytime, including weekends and holidays. Our amicable, polite, and accommodating staff with attend to your calls immediately.

Our services are charged per task and not per hour. The clock won’t be ticking just for you to pay more. Fees are also dependent on an upfront cost which we both will need to agree upon before the service even starts. By any chance you decline, you have no obligation to pay the amount and the job will not even be started. But once you accept the proposal, the upfront cost will not change even if the work hours get extended and the task turns out to be challenging.

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